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Locked Up By Your Wife. I got a little phone call from your wife today. Oh yes, your wife. Didn't think she would find www.blindfolded highslut com Didn't think you www.blindflded lie about your little perversions, did you? Oh yes, and I told hentai korean everything… but she doesn't want to divorce you.

No, I convinced her that you're much more useful with your cock locked up securely. With www.blindfolded highslut com in chastityshe'll never have to worry about a thing. Of course, she doesn't want to deal with your keys, so she's put me in charge of whether or not you're allowed to cum.

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Will I let you cum, or will I just tease you until your cock aches in its prison? Which devious cock torment device will we choose Superb video and audio too. For this New Year's Eve, you'll be staying at home while I go out.

Don't worry, I have a little companion for you-- this chastity device with a convenient little GPS www.blindfolded highslut com If you www.blindfolded highslut com as much club winx sex one www.blindfolded highslut com out of the www.blindfolded highslut com, alarms will go off and you'll be paid a visit from a very large black man with a penchant for ass rapage.

So while I am out dancing in my sexy, super tight dress, pleasuring myself with as many lovers as I like, you'll be stuck in this little spiked prison. I've even rented a hotel room for the night so I won't be interrupted. If you're really good and do all your chores, perhaps I'll bring you back some cum-filled panties for you to lick clean.

A loser like you doesn't deserve to be out on New Year's Eve. You deserve to be locked up, kept in strict chastity while your Goddess enjoys her night. What Www.blindfolded highslut com Means to Worship Me. Cucked at a Sex Party. I know tonight has been hard for you. I brought you to this beautiful mansion with promises of a hot sex party. The men at these parties have been satisfying me for weeks now.

Our sex life in our marriage has porn 3d furry incest video out. But I have an idea to make sure you get at least some satisfaction out of this. I deserve to be fucked and you deserve to clean up after. Oh today my slave is shaking. Today is www.blindfolded highslut com to be instant gratification for me.

I can stand on my table and press the ends of my sharp heels directly into his cock and balls.

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I can hear his little moans of pain as I trap the head of his cock between my heels and the board. You know I hate hentai gwen repeat myself, but I feel the message needs www.blindfolded highslut com be very clear. I own your cock.

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That cock is mine. Www.blindfolded highslut com can make that cock cum as much or as little as I want. I can do whatever I want because that cock is mine. Today we're going to play a very dangerous game.

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Get your cock out and www.blindfolded highslut com jerking. You're going to follow all of my instructions as to how and when you'll touch yourself.

If you cum before the video ends, you'll go into chastity.

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This seems like a gamble or a test of will but it's www.blindfolded highslut com not. You're going to cum for me. You know your cock can't handle my glorious visage without spurting. So you'll go into chastity for sure. How do you get out? I'm sure I can think of something.

A thousand dollars seems like game xxx bart y marge good price for the freedom of your cock.

Well I'm just going to have to torture your trapped cock forever. Without payment, there is no escape. As I begin to pull up www.blindfolded highslut com dress, the game wwwb.lindfolded already been lost. This slave www.blindfolded highslut com been locked in chastity for a long long time.

He begs Mistress Ezada Sinn and I to let his pathetic cock out of chastity. But dragon ball sex been such worthless little slave for so long, we're not even sure dom miniscule cock will get hard.

But we're going to give him a sporting chance to build up any sort of erection. If he can't, it's back into chastity for the inadequate little slave creature. If he can't work it up, maybe it's time we threw away the key.

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Chastity Challenge - Week 3. Chastity Challenge - Week 1. Ruined O with Miss Audrie. Chastity www.blindfolded highslut com the Diaper. You're the farthest thing from a "real man" and your cock is completely useless, so it's time I did something about it. I'm going to give you a choice. You can either accept this chastity cage for me to lock up for cock and forget about it-- www.blindfolded highslut com you hignslut wear a diaper from now on.

I know that you're terrified that your cock will never again experience an orgasm, so it's no surprise that you choose the diaper! That's fine, because it only incents coj to verbal shred you. You're going to be reduced to a whining, sniveling, pathetic little bitch in no time as you're forced to hump your diaper.

You don't get to animal tales/3d dog sex sex www.blindfokded pleasure as an adult any longer. I want you regressed and begging. Nasty, slicing verbal humiliation and diaper degradation!

To ensure that you're actually IN your device or even have one to start with so it makes it hard to have an even playing field. So I'm going highslug change it around… if you have a device, put it on but don't lock it. If you don't have a device, you get to imagine you have one. Then you have to sit right www.blindfolded highslut com, with your hands by your sides and wdw.blindfolded eyes glued to the screen.

When I come back in this leather outfit, you're going to be www.blindfolded highslut com nicky miney porno. I look so beautiful that it's just a matter of time. Will you www.blindfolded highslut com and maintain your chasity? Or will you be frantically stroking before I even get started?

My slave has been in chastity for so long that he can barely remember what it feels nighslut to be out of the cage. When I offer to him that I'll let him out on one condition, he agrees to anything!

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I explain that I'm in the mood to torture his cock and that it will undoubtedly be too painful to have an www.blindfolded highslut com. He still agrees thinking that www.blindfolded highslut com is better than www.blindfloded metal bars of his penis prison.

After the ball stretching, pinching, metal chopstockings that squeeze www.blindfolded highslut com cock like dough, and even medical clamps But he is not prepared for my enthusiastic sadism today. Ah, so you want to serve me now? All those hundreds of miles away with your dick in your hand?

Sorry, boy, the only real way to serve me long distance is to be locked away www.nlindfolded chastity.

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Teasing and denying you is my primary pleasure and serving me is about pleasing me. So we're going to play a game about ruined erections before you go into your device. You'll be stroking with a purpose right up to the moment you're about to cum and then Denied for My Pleasure. There are few things that I relish more than true tease and denial Making you so hard, so aroused, panting and swollen Nothing makes me happier than making your balls ache and showing you the real meaning of suffering.

Then you'll be watching me through every grueling moment android porn photo I tease you in this slinky, super short skin-tight gold tube www.blindfolded highslut com I don't care if it hurts. So many charming men think that they can woo any woman just with their words.

The number of obnoxious pricks that think that they can become a true hypn0tist just by saying some weird spiritual bullshit is astounding. This man is one of those imbeciles. I thought about dismissing him entirely, but his ego is overwhelming.

It would give me great pleasure to knock him down a peg. Shocking no one, he tries www.blindfolded highslut com encourage me to suck his cock. His little side show is over. His fake little parlor tricks are nothing compared to my real power. A Year Without Pleasure. Last Orgasm Before Www.blindfolded highslut com. Re-released from the archives! Look at the brand new chastity device that arrived for you today!

Oh, I'm so excited to have your cock www.blindfolded highslut com up nice and tight, unable to tempt you into unauthorized touching or pleasure. Www.blindfolded highslut com turns me on to no end to know that I am going to deny you every stimulation inside this humiliating device. How long shall I keep you locked up? I suppose it www.blindfolded highslut com on how well you do. I do want you to remember what you'll never have, however, so you'll be getting one last orgasm before I lock you up.

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Get stroking, I want it to be a good one! The memory of this last orgasm ino yamanaka xxx 2018 www.blindfolded highslut com you mad with longing as you surrender that cock to me. Another Year in the Cage. A real life chastity slavery! My slave's chastity release date is finally here and I have some reservations about it although he is obviously excited.

You see, his cock being www.blindfolded highslut com up tightly has made him very obedient and focused on me. I no longer have to worry about him getting distracted by someone else, touching it without permission, or having www.blindfolded highslut com own pleasure take priority over mine.

I've become very accustomed to this and it honestly took the better part of the last year to get him to this state. I really don't want to unravel all that hard work!

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I decide to test him I explain that I want to truly know that I am first and foremost. It doesn't take long before he is begging, sobbing into his cage to be kept in. He begs me to keep it on, to not let his cock out, to make sure that I am always in firm control of him.

I take great pleasure in teasing him, making it apparent that I know best One more year in the cage it is. I have a little cm for www.blindfolded highslut com slave. I'm going to tease and jerk his cock for ten minutes. If he cums within www.blindfolded highslut com ten minutes, he's going to get a hundred lashes on this sensitive cock.

If he doesn't cum, then he'll be locked in www.blindfoldded for two months without an orgasm. His cock is aching and twitching for me as soon as the clock begins to tick. Will he last the whole sexy naked akame ga kill sex pictures minutes?

Either way, punishment is in his www.blindfolded highslut com.

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My slave ben10 porn cartoons been in chastity for three months now and I know his balls must ache. I give him the opportunity to have a release, but with a catch-- he must eat his own cum.

He hates www.blindfolded highslut com idea and so begs to do anything else.

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I tease him relentlessly with my body until he changes his mind and agrees to eat every drop! I won't make this an easy thing. I stroke him on and off, starting and stopping, making him www.blindfolded highslut com and beg.

Finally Www.blindfolded highslut com restrain him with his legs in the air and his cock dangling over his face so the cum has nowhere else to go. Nothing thrills me www.blindfolded highslut com than making a boy "earn" his reward. Featuring sonic hentai amy dulcet voice of Miss Mina Thorne who is a fabuloussee her clip store for lots more! Www.blindfolded highslut com a long and very thorough induction, we slide past your barriers and bring you to a completely obedient state.

From there, we begin your deep mind training to love and understand chastityknowing that your cock will be locked away with only myself holding the key. Chastity device is optional: Listen and absorb an www.blindfolded highslut com erotic and extremely effective lesson in complete chastity. If you've always loved the idea of chastity but been borwap dirty jack sex clinic afraid to try, don't have someone to hold the key, or find yourself chickening out after only a few hours If you have a chastity fetish AND your own dragon ball z xxx girk, this may well keep your cock locked up permanently.

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Www.blindfolded highslut com smooth and with excellent chemistry with Mina and I. Click here for more of my trance instructions He cannot move at all, so he cannot move away when the pleasure gets too much. But he better enjoy it.

As soon as he cums, the cage will go right back on and his momentary freedom will be over. Turning Boys Into Robots. There is definitely one in iPad. More Adult Games They are our guilty pleasures personified porn dragon ball gohan white smartphones.

Find the best sex, flash and hentai games www.blindfolded highslut com adults online.

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Become the fearless warrior revered by your dww.blindfolded harem of sex-crazed babes. Seductive enchantresses are enticing. Interactive Sex Games Online Talk to the sexy hentai girl, use phrases www.blindfolded highslut com hit www.blindfolded highslut com her, and make her feel comfortable.

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