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Naruto narrowed his eyes, roots roughly fondling and abusing Kaguya's massive, brobdignagian tits.

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Kaguya's eyes rolled back in her head, tongue lolling out of her mouth. She was panting and gasping, her face the very epitome of ahegao. Naruto was fucking her silly, and she loved every second of it. Shudders wracked her frame, and her asshole clenched down on his cock. Juices gushed over the root. Kaguya came violently, screaming her ecstatic, undying devotion to Naruto. Kushina slumped boneless pornbcomic apk the ground.

She was panting and sweating, staring up at the female, loli-version of Orochimaru. She gave Kushina a cat naruto kaguya sex, and shook her head. The fire's shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, tree leaves shall bud anew.

But his daughters and mothers had been freed from the lecherous goddess's control, freed from the illusion's grasp. In the end, naruto kaguya sex and Sasuki's rinne tensei had not even been necessary. Naruto kaguya sex who had seemingly perished in the chaos were not actually dead at all: Certainly, they had posited in hope that this might wind up being the case, but Naruto had not truly expected it to turn out that well.

His daughters were free from Kaguya's control. The only punishment imposed on them by the Kunoichi Alliance — by naruto kaguya sex suspiciously unanimous vote — had been a public, hour-long spanking for each of them. Kushina and Mina's penalties had been less severe somewhat counterintuitivelyand the only disciplinary action demanded by the public in their case had been a week of community service as free prostitutes.

Again, an outcome where the ones being punished were as happy with it as the ones doling out the punishment. Since everyone who had been seemingly killed in the battle against Kaguya and his family had naruto kaguya sex turned up perfectly fine, no particular restitution apart from the above "punishments" had been demanded by the allied nations. The various not-so-slain including Nagato-chan and a few others who had apparently suffered completely accidental demises over the course of Infinite Tsukuyomi had quite harmlessly popped up in the Hokage Tower's basement after the battle, chained to the walls and looking distinctly satisfied.

And as for Kaguya, the one responsible for the illusion had gotten off with what many considered to online hd porn games pics practically a slap naruto kaguya sex the wrist though they were not complaining.

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By a one hundred percent vote, Kaguya Otsutsuki had been sentenced to spending the rest of her natural life as Naruto's unconditional sex slave. Considering that she was demonstrably immortal, and Naruto was apparently now the human incarnation of the Juubi or something absolutely no idea nnaruto naruto kaguya sex workedthis basically meant an eternity of catering to his every sexual whim. : Naruto

And, considering that Naruto kaguay spent approximately three years training under frozen with sound porn of the biggest perverts in the Elemental Nations, and an additional naruto kaguya sex length of time most thoroughly enjoying the fruits of Infinite Tsukuyomi, this was seriously saying something.

Furthermore, the Playful Fox naruto kaguya sex become the unofficial meeting point for all future Five Kage summits, and most of the people who had worked there during the illusion seemed suspiciously eager to narutl their duties at the strip club.

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And this is where Naruto was now, a month after the crusade against Kaguya, and the battle to determine naruto kaguya sex fate of the kunoichi world. Mei Terumi and Choujuuko were there in representation of the Slutty Mist, seeming oddly eager to uphold horny anime cheerleader excessively skimpy dress code that village had adopted.

With nothing on but see-through fishnet tops and obscenely formfitting thongs, Naruto was trying very hard not to get hard as he looked at the Mizukage and her future successor. Ay and Darui-chan were the Hidden Cloud's representatives.

The former wore her robes of office loosely over her shoulders, naruto kaguya sex black spandex trousers, a golden ogre-faced belt, and nothing else.

The latter was dressed much more conservatively, although she seemed to lick her lips every time she looked in Naruto's direction. Kurotsuchi was the sole person there on behalf of Iwagakure, and her tight maroon dress had a very suggestive slit up its thigh.

She appeared to be somewhat uncomfortable in her seat, judging by the way she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. Naruto had a hell of a time convincing himself not to stare, seeing as how the young woman had apparently taken to going commando.

Matsuri, the blushing, scantily-clad founder and president of Gaara's fanclub, was there for Suna, the Fifth Kazekage having elected to apoint the girl as her successor, claiming that she wanted to devote herself fully to her naruto kaguya sex family. Although Naruto naruto kaguya sex she was just using this as an excuse to get out naruto kaguya sex doing paperwork. Naruto had abdicated his title following the end of the battle against Kaguya, claiming naruto kaguya sex he felt unfit to serve as the leader of his village since this whole Infinite Tsukuyomi deal was kinda partially his fault.

The other kage had all apparently disagreed, and unanimously naruto kaguya sex to appoint him to the brand new, somewhat cheesily-named position of Kamikage.

Even Mina had sweatdropped a little at that name, although she did concede that it was somewhat appropriate. Naruto had weakly disagreed, but the others had all insisted that he was perfect for the job. Nominally, he was the supreme ruler of all shinobi villages. In practice, though, the Shodai Kamikage was basically just eye candy for the Gokage summits. Honestly, even if more than half of the people there had originally been men, they adult sex nds games made for VERY attractive women.

And they were all very appreciative of the duty he performed as Kamikage. It was very pleasing to have so many appreciative eyes on him, actually. The fact that his wives also greatly enjoyed his new uniform, to the extent that they insisted on him wearing it everywheremay have also had something to do with it.

And, speaking of his wives, they were seated on either side of him, naruto kaguya sex with sex in sonic daughters. Kaguya was sitting naked at his feet, as well, her back to the Gokage, and her lips wrapped securely around Naruto's pulsing erection. What do the people say we should do about this whole Infinite Tsukuyomi deal? The woman leaned forward, not-so-subtly pressing her ample bosom down on the table at which the Gokage were seated.

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Ay crossed her arms naeuto her chest, the naruto kaguya sex and brown areolae of which were fully visible, to say nothing of those large, puffy nipples. Ironically, it seemed Kaguya had had the last laugh after all, in a way even apart from naruto kaguya sex to spend the rest of eternity doing all sorts of naughty, degrading things for his penis. Naruto's wives were not the only ones whose bodies had been changed to reflect the things which had happened in Infinite Tsukuyomi — Naruto was quite literally the last man alive, and betting seemed to place pretty good odds on naruto kaguya sex more men ever being born.

In addition to that, it seemed Kaguya had basically made causality her bitch, because everyone in Infinite Tsukuyomi who had been dead at the time of the illusion's casting turned out to have brand new hentai manga bad old man bodies sitting in the Shinju's branches.

naruto hentai

Naruto had even tried willing a handful of people back to life, just to see lisa simpson penis would happen. Obi and Kagome were naruto kaguya sex very, VERY happy to have Rin back, and the girl herself seemed completely okay naruto kaguya sex the new state of reality. Hiruzen Sarutobi, Danzo Shimura, Nawaki Senju, and Dan Seex, when brought back, had all incarnated naruto kaguya sex attractive females in their physical prime.

Tsunade had been exceedingly happy to show Naruto her appreciation for the latter two. Which would have been a lot weirder if not for the fact kaguuya she herself seemed to have been reset to a biological age somewhere in her twenties sec thirties. Basically, everyone who had been old, male, or conventionally unattractive in reality, was beldum hemtai young, female, and at least a six or seven on the sexiness scale.

Naruto knew that he could probably revert these changes if he wanted to, but pokemon porn game he'd asked even those who had been initially dismayed at the loss of their manhoods had politely yet vehemently refused his offer. And now Kurotsuchi was winking at him and raising her feet up on the table, spreading her legs in a manner that was the exact oaguya of subtle. Naruto came generously in Kaguya's mouth at naruto kaguya sex view this afforded him, much to the sensually degraded goddess's delight.

Naruto sweatdropped, feeling a combination of arousal kayuya mild exasperation at the direction this discussion was headed.

kaguya sex naruto

Silently wondering whether he should just take the girls up on their various offers, he glanced at Kagome-sensei and Obi. Gaara and Tamon smiled serenely naruto kaguya sex Naruto.

kaguya sex naruto

Sakura and Zoujou drooled, ogling hentai catgirl cock. Hinata and Koumoku blushed, demurely observing his naked body.

Sasuki and Jikoku smirked, suggestively posing for gay furry sex. His wives, daughters, and the Gokage all naruyo a variety of looks.

As one, they turned to him and answered. This fic was the biggest, most successful thing I ever wrote on FFN, done over the course of a year and some change. It was my most ambitious project to date, and only one naruto kaguya sex recent work of mine can rival its popularity. It is the longest kaguyya I've ever written so farand also one of the most shamelessly perverted. naruto kaguya sex

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Also, something something, fantasy must remain fantasy, something, don't do this shit at home, etc. Kabuya Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without wex, it will work better with naruto kaguya sex enabled. Remember Me Forgot password? Chapter Text It was hot. A sakura deepthroat game, scorching fire.

Gouts of flame surged all around Mei and Naruto kaguya sex. Pillars of semi-molten rock flew up into the air. Electricity sparked between them with every touch.

sex naruto kaguya

Shivers raced up their spines. Ay and Kushina clashed. Kakashi paled upon seeing this. Obito couldn't help finding the humor in the situation. Sasuke, whose eyes had teen abubu xxx naruto kaguya sex Naruto's waist for a mere second- after all, he was able to admit natuto he had some severe issues with comparing himself to Naruto naruto kaguya sex matter what the situation- scowled.

They can see through clothes. Kakashi also fell into a mild state of gloom. Sakura redirected his attention back to the action when she asked. Did she just stop at his waist?

No way, she's not really about to Kakashi's head tilted a bit in mild confusion. Kakashi gave a nonchalant shrug. To him, this was further proof that Naruto had some of naruto kaguya sex most amazing luck he'd ever encountered. Why are you laying down like that?! Hey, where the fuck do you think you're sticking that?!

kaguya sex naruto

Hey you blond retard, get the fuck away from my mo-mmmpphhh! Everyone was quite shocked as Kaguya had negligently waved her hand, encased Zetsu in a block of something that looked like it belonged in one of those disturbing hentai anime, and tossed him through naruto kaguya sex portal that had suddenly appeared.

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Seeing the familiar eye twitch that plainly told him that Sakura's feminine indignation was clouding her ability to think logically, Kakashi tried to explain things another way. Despite understanding the logic of the situation, for some reason, Sakura just couldn't hold back the jealousy in nzruto tone. Again, Kakashi gave a nonchalant shrug. Obito couldn't help adding his two cents.

Obito brought the point home with. Someone that powerful naruto kaguya sex to save the world rather than destroy it would probably be a good thing if he succeeds. Besides, he's losing his virginity to the fucking rabbit goddess, and it would be a complete dick move to ruin that the incredibles mind control porn him. Sasuke knew that even as much of a dick naruto kaguya sex he'd been for the past couple years, according to the man laws, interrupting would be a serious violation that there was no naruto kaguya sex back from.

sex naruto kaguya

Two incredibly hot Hyuuga have wanted the naruto kaguya sex body, and one's actually going for it. Is it a bloodline or something?

Kakashi, who'd known Naruto's parents, grinned beneath his mask. Not only that, but they're also well known for naruto kaguya sex recovery ability, and strong life force which gave them very high durability.

Obito matched Kakashi's grin, even if they couldn't see that fact. He also found it rather ironic that doujutsu using clan heads and heiresses seemed incapable of not getting hot naruto kaguya sex them. Sasuke smirked, and while he wanted to flick his eyes to Sakura as he said it, he kept them on the rutting pair.

Obito was far less subtle bayonetta hentai his insult. Sasuke felt no remorse bursting a really big bubble.

I'm still not getjar xxx games, and you still seem to have romantic intentions towards me rather than the boy who's been in front of you for years.

Dec 27, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV . Using her hair to dispurse all of the clones, Kaguya charged Naruto with a about the Uzumaki Clan, or easily the greatest porno that will ever be made." "You just want to watch some insanely gorgeous woman have sex.".

Obito, who had always enjoyed taunting and teasing his kinsmen before he'd been corrupted by Madara, added. Chances are that between his Uzumakiness and the fox, she would have been really hot for the gaki, and that could have been really frustrating for you. Sasuke however, having been naruto kaguya sex a team with Naruto, was skilled with the quip-fu. Might have been interesting to see how Hinata would have reacted knowing powerpuff girls sex actually had a rival naruto kaguya sex Naruto.

Probably would naruto kaguya sex made me and Naruto better friends knowing we could porn hub login credentials over dueling fangirls. This tag is not a sufficient claim of fair use. You must also include the source of the work, all available copyright informationand a detailed fair use rationale. Metadata This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully naruto kaguya sex the modified file.

Retrieved from " http: June 7, During his training trip with Jiraiya, Naruto finds something that mades him a sovereign among women. What will he do with it? Incubus Prince Naruto -: April 13, 1: In a universe where all worlds have run together, a young, hung sex demon goes on an adventure to see what kind of pussy he can land. Wetter Game porn apk a Naruto kaguya sex Submarine -: December 29, naruto kaguya sex After two years of sailing with the Straw Hats, Hinata discovers a secret the crew has been keeping from her.

A secret involving nightly meetings, wet skin, swollen lips, sweet moans, and Sanji often tied up and on his knees. This discovery has led Hinata to naruto kaguya sex not only question everything she ever knew about her new nakama, but also Full Moon Madness -: May 8, 8: Out of no where the Kyuubi attacks Konoha, but a stronger and kinder creature comes to their aid.

sex naruto kaguya

Where did this creature come from? Who is this mysterious foreign boy with a tail? September 4,

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